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Considering the current CoVid lockdown and pandemic restrictions, our services are easily transferred virtually if needed.  That said, as a Registered Kinesiologist and Athletic Therapist, single client/patient appointments are permitted while adhering to the local restrictions and mandates for physical/athletic therapists.

“Helping athletes/people move, look and feel better”! 

As you’ve heard me say in the video above,  as The Body Tech, I’d like to simplify the things that I excel at!   Throughout my career as a health and fitness professional, I’ve always encouraged that therapy patients consider an active lifestyle to add an element of resilience to their lives by learning the tenents of becoming a training client.  I’ve worked with so many people who’ve come to see me for a lower back injury and then express an interest in extending their fitness practice by having me as their Coach.  Performance is relative to the practionner.

Let’s face it, if you’ve ever suffered from chronic pain, injury, or a movement impairment, it was likely due to a lack of mobility in your joint(s) or soft tissue. So, it’s no surprise when you hear about people complaining they don’t enjoy moving, or participating in sports, cleaning their garage, their house if they’re struggling with chronic pain or lack of mobility. In terms of remaining pain-free and mobile, self-regulation is the chosen path!

Now, you don’t need to be a sport athlete to call what you do, performance??

Whatever your chosen activity is, this is your performance!  People who work around their house, or their cars?  In addition, if your job is demanding such being a labourers, housebuilders, tradespeople, or people who must lift objects at work repetitively. Your body must be ready to perform these tasks in order for you to be proficient at your job, or performance. Moms & dads chasing after their kids, or puppies while picking them up constantly qualifies their performance.
Really, anything we do that is movement-based, qualifies you as a Performer in your own life.
And of course, if you are a self-proclaimed athlete participating in a team or individual sport, we’ll call that performance as well.



What is Athletic Therapy?

Athletic therapy is the practice of assessing, treating and successfully rehabilitating musculo-skeletal injuries, chronic conditions in order to facilitate the athlete’s/client ability to return back to their sport, or activity.

Ideally, the athlete and therapist collaborate on the athlete’s “return to sport” criteria and potential?

Every experienced Athletic Therapist has their own strategies and supplemental training that augments their AT practice and enhances the athlete’s experience and appreciation for their injury.  In this process of rehabilitation,  the reconditioning required to fully return with confidence back at a competitive level of their sport must be considered by the athlete/client.

TheBodyTech (Jean LaFleur, Rkin-AT, CAT(c), CSCS, P.I.C.P-1, Pn1, B.HK, DipSIM)

  • Over 20 years of experience working with athletes.
  • Virtual and progressive rehabilitation programs.
  • Client-centered training
  • Educational programs for all clients.

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  • Comprehensive assessment, and functional movement evaluation for your sport.
  • Successfully rehabilitate your injury to a stronger status than pre-injury.
  • Correct postural dysfunctions, joint and soft tissue mobility, that make you susceptible to injury.
  • Improve your ability to move performance and capacity in your chosen sport of activity.

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