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TheBodyTech-Athletics is a healthcare company owned and operated by Veteran Therapist and Strength and Conditioning Coach Jean LaFleur.  Jean operates within his home clinic/studio located at 123 Moore Crescent, Ancaster, ON.

TheBodyTech-Athletics provides complete injury management, which includes assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation if necessary for musculo-skeletal injuries and conditions.

Jean is a committed healthcare professional and strength coach for the past 22 years. At this point of the CoVid pandemic, Jean is shifting his services to more of his therapy practice and treating injuries.  Of course, if the athlete or client requires applications of “return to sport/activity/training,  specific training will be provided as needed. All CoVid precautions, safety measures and restrictions will be recognized and applied.

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Here is one of my clients who has enjoyed great success in just 2 short years. Judie came to me at age 57, pre-diabetic, 30 pounds overweight and her body fat was at 31%.  Her main purpose for seeing me was actually her shoulder. She was diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder), and we managed to resolve Judie’s chronic injury is 3 short months.


Judie worked very hard for a little over a year to achieve a brilliant 30 pound lost and is shown here weighing in at 107 lbs, and achieving a body fat of 20 %.  We are very proud of Judie’s accomplishments along with her convicted ownership over her new found health and fitness. She was also referred to me initially because she had a frozen shoulder.  As a certified athletic and manual therapist, I knew that Judie’s future as a potential, regular exerciser hinged on my abilities to get her back to a functioning level. With persistence, we successfully got Judie’s frozen shoulder back in 3 months (which can take up to 9 months of rehabilitation). When it came for Judie to decide to participate in our personal training programs, it was a no-brainer.  Having already successfully overcome her first hurdle to improving her health and fitness, she was confident that I could help her achieve her body composition goals as well.

And as you can see from her picture, the rest is history. Judie’s results occurred over a reasonable time period (of 13 months) and was a result of practicing good nutrition and exercise habits.


Julianne came to me after giving birth to her first baby boy. Julianne weighed in over 145 lbs, and  was at 28 % body fat.

Here after her 5th month on her program, Julianne weighs in at 122 lbs, and at 19 % body fat.

I am very proud of these two women, along with all of my other clients who continue to inspire me and teach me as much as I teach them. Julianne achieved her results by practicing better nutrition and exercise habits with her time with us.


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