Athletic Therapy and Sports Injury Rehabilitation

... Don’t let past or current injuries keep you in pain and underperforming.

Do you suffer from an acute injury or chronic condition that is keeping you from participating in your favourite sport or activity?

Whatever you’re chosen sport, mode of training, or activity(ies) may be,

My “systems approach” to restoring  joint, soft tissue, fascial, and bony dysfunctions mobility, brings you back to your optimized settings to enhance your movements.

This has been the cornerstone of my practice for the past 15 years.

Once we understand the mechanism of injury that your body sustained, we can then understand how your body absorbed the contact, or “non-contact” forces ,  that were imposed to your body, and start making our corrections from there.

If you’re a team athlete, we conduct a comprehensive biomechanical assessment within the context of your sport that will provide key insights to help design a functional treatment and rehabilitation plan.

Effective Rehabilitation is Training!

The most up-to-date rehabilitation programs are integrating training protocols as a part of pushing the resilience of the surrounding muscles and tissues.  As always the therapist and patient collaborate and push the capacity of the injured tissues in a safe and effective way to arrive at a status of returning to your activity, training, or sport.  So yes, Rehabilitation is Training.

Gone are the days where the therapist treats for 30 minutes in the clinic and patient goes home to complete band-assisted exercises. The athlete/patient is empowered with more proactive applications they can complete without the therapist present.

Content modified from (Rehab-U-Level 2 course)


The goal of the mobilization practice is to create a better environment for the trainee to move better,  to make more mobile, and to improve the quality of the movement. As well, it’s also about identifying the components that are restricting the movement, or any other proponent that is influencing the movement.


The intention of the Activation application is to “engage a connection” with the muscles and tissue that improves the brain’s ability to control the quality of contraction and motor recruitment.   Essentially enhancing the mind to muscle connection.


The purpose of the Integration phase is to create a well-rehearsed movement strategy and solidify and integrate the movement into the trainee/athlete’s overall performance. Ultimately, we rewire and organize your body to return you back to optimal movement, optimal connection to your body and ability to handle load and the demands of your sport or activity.

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The best thing that has happened to me in the past two years is my introduction to Jean LaFleur. I was advised by an orthopedic surgeon to strengthen my knees to avoid early joint replacement. Being physically active, I decided to approach a personal trainer and was introduced to Jean LaFleur. I was also pleasantly surprised to learn that Jean is also a Certified Athletic Therapist as well as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I had feeling that I was in good hands. He conducted a personal assessment of my general health status, including a review of my diet, and more specifically my needs as they related to my need to stay active.

Jean put together a comprehensive program specifically for me. I have been continually impressed by his application of knowledge, innovation and creativity that has kept me on track. At all times I have been treated as an individual and unique client. The result of his coaching and my training has been a significant improvement in my skiing. I ski in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and have hesitated to challenge some of the more aggressive slopes. No more! Comments about my improved skiing have been received from some of the better skiers on the mountain.

I have also improved my golf game. Through specific training, Jean has put me through, I have increased my yardage and thus improved my handicap.

The best benefit of Jean’s training guidance and coaching has been that I no longer take NSAIDS (non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs). I virtually have no pain in my knees.

I can highly recommend Jean to anyone who is looking for an individual approach to training with a commitment to improved performance based on a solid knowledge base and personal experience.

Linda Burrows RN, BESc, MScHA.

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