Good Day Everybody,
Yes, summer is upon us, and for once, the weather is actually appropriate for the month and time of year!!!
I wanted to bring those who don’t live close to Ancaster some very exciting news.
We are now adding an Online Nutritional Coaching service for those who unable to take advantage of our home studio facilities in Ancaster.
As a Certified Sport and Exercise Nutritionist with Precision Nutrition, I am offering a life-changing, coaching experience that has never been offered before. Powered by Precision Nutrition’s online software, you will now be able to benefit from our nutritional, and body transformation coaching, all, online!!
The online format is called ProCoach, and is the only one of its kind in the world! Joining this coaching experience will allow you to achieve your body transformation, along with changing how you look and feel for the rest of your life!!

This curriculum-based program meets you where you’re at and collaborates with your life, needs, wants and schedule while also holding you accountable to your goals at your pace.
To get your fat loss journey started and rolling, you need to contact me asap to take advantage of this life-changing opportunity, please contact me at:,  for more details on how you, or someone you know can take back control of their life, health and fitness.
The client in the image below is Tricia, who was coached the Precision Nutrition style, and is now enjoying a wonderful life of fitness, high-energy and happiness.


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