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... Jean Lafleur is a certified exercise and sport nutritionist under the Precision Nutrition (PN) system.

image053Jean Lafleur is a Certified Exercise and Sport Nutritionist with the Precision Nutrition (PN) system.

Whether you are a fitness buff or a competitive athlete, nutrition plays a vital role in optimizing your  recovery from exercise and sports performance. It also contributes greatly towards an overall healthy lifestyle and optimal weight management.

Any good nutritional plan should start with a comprehensive assessment of your daily habits and life’s demands, that will help your coach understand the complexities of your life and how best to help you to achieve your defined goals.

Are your activities a little more ambitious? Are you a  cyclist, swimmer, kayaker, distance runner, triathlete, field or court sport athlete, or your basic weekend warrior, no problem, we get the needs of the self-propelled, human- catapult that enjoys pushing its limits.  These people need good nutritional habits more than anyone.

You will appreciate our coaching style that allows you to make your own nutritional choices that complement your fitness training and give your sports performance the boost it deserves!

We know that athletes have special needs due to the demands of their sport and training regimes. Below we will delineate some of these needs so you can appreciate your own needs related to your sport:

In the context of their nutrition, the athlete must consider:

  • Is the athlete’s caloric intake enough to support the extreme energy demands of their training and competition?
  • Paying attention to their immune-system recovery so as they are not likely to miss any games due to illness.
  • Competitive athletes train hard to force positive physiological adaptations. These adaptations can only occur in the right blend of macronutrients and micronutrients.        
  • Certain competitive athletes must or desire to maintain their body weight and body fat percentage within a narrow range if they hope to be competitive in their sport. This means training and eating appropriately to achieve and maintain an ideal bodyweight
  • Competitive athletes must prioritize fluid and electrolyte balance. If dehydration sets in, performance is acutely and quickly diminished.
  • Athletes also benefit from a “habit-based” nutrition strategy and coaching to serve their needs.







“My drive to try something new started after my son was born. My c-section determined that I would not return quickly to my previous work out regime. I wanted to train smarter. Training with Jean took me back to basics. Basic mechanics, basic nutrition and the best of me. I’ve successfully lost 35 pounds and many inches off my body.  I feel strong, confident, proud and sexy in my clothes. I would highly encourage those pursuing a body transformation, to work with Jean. He provides superior training at the level you are at, and simple step by step habits and weekly goals. His quirky demeanour adds to the flavour of his programming.

Jean puts his heart and soul into helping you succeed by providing you with all the tools, resources, encouragement and program changes needed.

Take the first step and trust the process! “


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