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"Posturology is a science that looks at the way your body gathers information in order for you to be able to stand upright"

Introduction to Posturology

Posturology is a science that looks at the way your body gathers information in order for you to be able to stand upright efficiently and without wasting the least amount of energy.

(Above in the video is Annette Verpillot, the founder of Posture Pro and inspirational instructor and leader of Posturology.)

We know from the works of neurology that the skin of the foot, the eyes and the position of your head tells your brain where you are and how stable you are in your environment.

We also know that when anyone is suffering from chronic pain, there is often an asymmetry or disequilibrium in the body usually in the load distribution of both feet, or the functioning of the eye muscles. So, it is quite common for a Postrurologist to examine your eyes and feet.

We also know that our posture affects many things like our emotions, hormone production, our mood, blood pressure, spinal alignment and our joint health. Posturology can help with a myriad of conditions such as lower back pain, knee pain, hip pain, shoulder pain, parkinson’s disease, migraines, scoliosis just to name a few. Most people can benefit from Posturology.

How is Posturology different from other therapies?

Posturology changes the way your brain communicates with your musculo-skeletal system.  Unlike the conventional model, we can’t correct our posture by simply standing up more straight, or looking up from our phone.  Posture is an unconscious function in the body, much like breathing and heart rate.

Posturology also optimizes the way the brain integrates information from the sensors (feet, eyes, skin) and communicates with the musculo-skeletal system.

Our brain is the master controller which our muscles respond to it’s commands under two fundamental premises:  our feet must be aligned on the ground, and our eyes must be aligned with the horizon.

Jean has completed all four levels of the Posturology course from Posture Pro (based in Montreal) and is offering Posturology as a service to his patients and clients. To our knowledge, Jean is the only provider of Posturology in the greater Hamilton, Ancaster and Dundas areas.  If you suffer from chronic pain, and would like to lead a purposeful and vibrant life, simply contact me to arrange an appointment

Depending on the case, Jean will use Posturology skills to correct chronic posture deficits and malalignments in the spine, and joints.

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